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I would assume that this rod was built during the war years and that Greenheart was more readily available than bamboo during WWII, was this the rod building material of choice during these years? Thank you very much, I too own a Hardy G-rod - inherited from my father, who had it from his father. It is a 10' 7'' two hand, two piece fly rod with "The "Pike" Rod" written just above the handle. The top half is significantly darker than the bottom half. It seems strange that, if this was made during that era, that it has knurled brass rings on a full cork grip, would have thought that other metals would have been used. I know that Hardy are one of the best rods you can buy. In fact, they seem to crafted from different types of wood.

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Hardy Greenheart Fly rod"G" 4009 which dates the rod to 19297' 2/1grip = turned woodguides English twist Ni S snakes with a snake stripperreel seat is the Hardy universal reel fittingsnon water proof brass ferrules Once again a huge thanks to Stuart for this tidbit of invaluable information.humbly your gnome Jeff A plea to all Hardy collector to please add to this database Since my rod was the final straw that initiated the solution to the Hardy code puzzle;(what would you do without me)Hardy Greenheart Fly rod"G" 14516 which dates the rod to 19357' 2/1grip = 13 1/4 inches of corkguides = appear to be German nickel over brass (guessing)reel seat = 2 floating brass rings on the handlenon water proof brass ferrules Thanks Stewart and Jeff for all your help with my rod ID! intermediate Ferrules: Lockfast Tyings: medium green- Rod is practically in mint condition, very little used.

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I really should try and find some time to finish it.After Jeff (Gnome) and I having a conversation about the difficulty of dating Hardy rods with the 'G' series numbers, we have found this: In 1927 the "G" number was introduced to distinguish rods that were totally made of split bamboo Year Number 1927 0-1444 1928 1444-3680 1929 3681-5739 1930 5740-6778 1931 6779-7526 1932 7527-9560 1933 9561-11297 1934 11298-13142 1935 13143-15100 1936 15101-17318 1937 17319-20067 1938 20068-21632 1939 21633 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 25209 1946 25210-26257 1947 26258-26718 1948 26719-27502 1949 27503-28689 1950 28670-28389 1951 28390-30595 1952 30596-30814 1953 30815-31359 1954 31360-32146 1955 32147-32559Gnome, I had posted that table in my pm to you but I see it didn't work!Many thanks to google perserverance and The Antique Tackle Observer ( (no personal interest).... Stuart Stuart, We all owe you a big one for this table!!!!!If you're looking for a Hardy Cane Rod, e Bay is a good place to start.